The Headmistress is the general supervisor in charge of the administration of the school.

She is assisted by Assistant Head(s) in charge of administration, academic and domestic affairs. There are also administrative officers and clerks who help with the daily running of the school. Form Masters and Mistresses monitor the academic performance of the students.

The senior House mistress and Master are the supervisors of the Boarding House. They are assisted by House mistresses and Masters. All external exeats are signed by the senior House mistress and Master to their respective students


i. To meet periodically to discuss the school's menu and to make suggestions for improvement where necessary.

ii. To consult the Senior House mistress promptly whenever there is any problem with the food served in the Dining Hall.

iii. On no account should student refuse to take food served them without exhaustively discussing the issue with the Administration.


I. The Senior Housemistress or mistress shall preside over all meetings.

II. The minutes of the meetings shall be sent through the senior Housemistress to HeadMistress or master for the necessary action.

III. There shall be at least 2 meetings in a term



I. The Assistant Head(s)

II. Senior House mistress or Master

III. Guidance & Counseling Master or Mistress

IV. Senior (Head) Prefect


The Assistant Heads shall preside over meetings.

The Guidance and counseling coordinator shall be the secretary.

The committee shall meet as and when it is necessary.


To investigate any disciplinary issues referred to it by the Headmistress and recommend appropriate sanctions where necessary.


  1. The Headmistress Advisory committee
  2. Staff Welfare Committee
  3. Chaplaincy Committee/ Peer Group Counseling
  4. Guidance &Counseling committee
  5. Compound Cleanliness / Bush Canteen Committee
  6. Time Table Committee
  7. Examination Committee
  8. Sports/Entertainment Committee
  9. School Property /Text Books Committee
  10. Electoral Committee


The academic board shall consider all matters of students’ academic performance, progression and other related academic issues and make recommendations to the Headmistress for her consideration and implementation.


All heads of department shall constitute the membership of the board.


The Assistant Head (Academic) shall preside over meeting. Meetings are held as and when necessary.